An hour spent on administrative processes, is an hour that could be spent on better patient care.

Take control of your clinical setting while Element5's workflow automation solution takes care of your operational processes. With Element5 you can automate complex workflows that demand intense human intervention and manual efforts.


No heavy IT investment. Nothing to build from scratch

Save hundreds of hours that is takes to build your own workflow automation systems. Element5 manages the infrastructure, the bots, VMs and everything else you need to get started quickly. We minimize the need to re-orchestrate you existing IT infrastructure. With bots trained to function like a human user, Element5 integrates with existing systems seamlessly.


Aggregated reporting & insights with integrated analytics

Element5's reporting and analytics come pre-packaged with each automated workflow, aggregating data from various sources and delivering performance and efficiency insights on your fingertips. Take intelligent actions, not compulsive ones.


0 errors, better efficiency, maximum productivity

Minimize errors by repetitive fatigue, improve staff satisfaction and save costs without having to on-board multiple resources for complex administrative tasks. Save time on repetitive processes such as Review Choice Demonstration to help staff perform at the top of their licenses.

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